Organizational Position: Department of Research; Hoda College Of Theology and Islamic Sciences

The importance of research in building the academic foundations cannot be underestimated; it complements and perfects the progress and advancement of knowledge in any educational institution.The Department of Research of Hoda International University plans, manages and guides all student research and other research activities in the university and outside it. The Department also deals with all national and international affairs concerning it. Some of the goals and duties of this Department are as follows:


Nurturing research talent, giving depth to research in the field of religion, procuring the necessary academic resources for reading and research in the specialized disciplines of Humanities and Islamic Sciences, are among the goals of the Department of Research in any academic institution.

Duties and Powers
Constantly monitor the state of research work in the university, and tabulate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in research and related activities
Conduct research to formulate the research criteria and standards of the university
Reassess the rules and regulations pertaining to research activities and suggest amendments
Collaborating with other national and international educational and research institutes and invite them for cooperation
Devise criteria and standards and monitor the distribution of research grants and scholarships
Institute standards and criteria for research services of the university, supervise them to ensure their compliance and regularly upgrade them
Evaluate research activities of different departments and sections